Smart Urban Furniture


Smart City

In a world where we are all so reliant on our smartphones, the technology has one major flaw: the battery doesn't last all day. Fortunately, CUBE PLUS new benches could offer a futuristic solution


Smart Urban Furniture

Smart City Furniture

The smart city furniture also referred as smart street furniture is increasingly being adopted by cities. The percentage of cities and communities incorporating the smart city furniture is rapidly growing throughout the world as these self-powered products have the capability to optimize the public infrastructure, provide connectivity such as free WIFI that can make the life of citizens and visitors easier. Whether it’s about digital signs or smart bus stops there is a wide range of smart products available in terms of smart city furniture. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting pieces of smart city furniture that are tailor-made for the people of 21st century


The days of worrying about your smartphone dying while out on the town are over


One of the 25 technologies every smart city should have



The following characteristics of CUBE PLUS will attract the customers toward it

  • Beautiful and unique oven design
  • Special attention to the needs of users (youth, children, the disabled and the elderly)
  • Self-sustaining green solar energy
  • Using wind energy to generate electricity
  • USB Port charging
  • Superfast internet connection
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Area lighting
  • Flower box
  • And other parameters chosen by the customer